Polymers and adhesives

Polymers and adhesives

We develop adhesives that can adapt and respond to external cues or withstand low and high temperatures, bonding of dissimilar materials, and those that require dual triggers to debond.

Interested structure-property-processing relationships in engineering polymers, network polymers, carbon fibre and their corresponding composites.

We characterise thin bio-based packaging barrier films physics and processing.

We investigate starch-based bio-adhesives for packaging.

We develop new life cycle assessment methodologies for circular plastics products, recycling and re-processability technologies for network polymers and composite materials.

We discover glues with a built in safety interlock that only release once two triggers are applied.

Research expertise also includes chemistry and production of carbon fibre including the precursor, toughening of composites, self-healing materials, fire retardant epoxy resin, high temperature epoxy resins, underwater resin systems and adhesion, synthesis and characterisation of novel epoxy resins.

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