Materials for automotive, defence, aerospace and space industries

Materials for automotive, defence, aerospace and space industries

The future will be in the space! Energy supply to power spacecraft is crucial in the exploration of outer space.

Semiconductor perovskite materials based on metal halides have attracted huge interest in both scientific and industrial community as light absorbing materials in solar cells owing to their unique optical and electrical properties.

Currently world-record energy conversion efficiency over 25% have been reported with perovskite solar cells (PSC). Exploration of PSCs as a power supplier for spacecraft have been started.

Nevertheless, unsatisfactory material stability is a key obstacle for practical application of this emerging photovoltaics technology, in particular for space application where high dose of irradiance may damage the structure of perovskite compound.

To address this important issue, this project aims to understand the evolution of physical and chemical properties of perovskite materials and polyimide based radiation coating materials under various conditions that are closely relevant to their practical application such as temperature, oxygen, radiation etc.

The fundamental research outcomes will provide guidance for design and synthesis of perovskite materials that has robust stability under operation condition in space.

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