Boron nitride nanostructures and composites

Boron nitride nanostructures and composites

We develop new methods of BN nanostructure synthesis, studying physical, chemical and mechanical properties of various BN nanomaterials for their smart applications.

Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is widely used in modern technologies due to a complex of physical and chemical properties such as high thermal stability, resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, chemical resistance, dielectric strength, low density, and low coefficient of friction. h-BN forms a series of nanostructures: nanoparticles – smooth or with a petallike surface, and solid or hollow; nanotubes – cylindrical, polygonal, spiral, bamboo-like, and others; thin graphene-like petals; nanocages; nanocones and mesoporous BN. BN nanomaterials are actively studied as materials for nano-optical-magnetic devices, catalysis and biotechnologies. BN nanostructures retain the physical–chemical properties inherent to the bulk BN. In addition, straight BN nanotubes (BNNTs) and graphene-like BN petals (BNGPs) exhibit exceptionally high mechanical strength because of the perfection in their crystal structure. This makes BNNTs and BNGPs promising materials for producing high-strength composites based on polymer, ceramic and metal matrixes.

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