We provide fit-for-purpose solutions drawing on extensive modelling, synthesis, evaluation and integration capabilities

Upscaled demonstration facilities for emerging photovoltaic materials

ARC linkage 2021
H. Wang. W. Martens and G. Tulloch

Multifunctional composites to boost manufacturing innovations

ARC Discovery
T. Walsh, L. Henderson and R. Varley

Radiation-matter interactions

Fundamental understanding of radiation-matter interactions for the design of long lifetime materials

Advanced Fibre Interfaces in Active Water Management Systems

ARC Linkage
C. Barner-Kowollik, L. Delfresnaye, L. Michalek, A. Goldmann, P. Edodawatta and N. Zaquen

3D Printed Composites under extreme conditions: experiments and simulation

Defence Science Institute 
L. Olsen-Kettle, D. Ruan, J. Sarout and T. Ahmed Himika

Blast and Shock Modelling

DMTC – Phase 3
D. Ruan, N. Edwards, R. Al-Mahaidi  and K. Tak Lau

Designing polymers as broad spectrum antivirals to rapidly fight emerging viral infections

US Department of Defence 2022
N. Boase, K. Fairfull-Smith, L. Barner, K. Short

Novel Self healing technology for polymer composites

US Patent 2010
S. Bateman, S. Meure, D. Yang Wu, S. Furman, S. Khor, and R. Varley