Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing

We have expertise in a range of mechanical tests at world-class state-of-the art mechanical testing facilities for a range of sectors including automotive, defence, aerospace and space industries.

We design rigs to build and test under challenging environments up to 100kN and 1100°C.

Testing facilities include various MTS and Instron machines, split Hopkinson pressure bars and Gas Gun.

We also have expertise in Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) and Transient Creep.

We are also experienced in Tensile, HCF, LCF, Corrosion Fatigue and Creep.

We evaluate mechanical response of light weight metamaterials under dynamic loadings.

We also characterise mechanical properties of various materials at high strain rates.

We perform crashworthiness of lightweight panels and tubes.

We are experienced in the evaluation of impact mechanics (e.g. bird strike, impact of space debris, ballistic penetration).

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