We are experienced in materials design, development and deployment across a range of environmental conditions

Characterisation and evaluation

We provide a vast suite of advanced materials characterisation techniques that assist the understanding of structure-property relationships and development of materials with outstanding properties.

Development and synthesis

We offer expertise in the field of small molecule design and synthesis, advanced manufacturing and development of high-performance materials, such as carbon fibres, composites and polymers.

Mechanical testing

We have the capability to perform a range of mechanical tests at world-class state-of-the art mechanical testing facilities.

Photoemission electron microscopy

The NanoESCA III photoemission electron microscope (PEEM) images surfaces by focussing and detecting electrons emitted from a material following irradiation with UV and X-ray light. The primary capabilities include spatial mapping of the surface morphology, elemental and chemical compositions and the electron band-structure of the materials.