Self healing coatings for off-shore oil platforms

Material scientists at Deakin University enhance performance and extend service life of pipelines and offshore infrastructure for a more sustainable future. Deakin’s Institute for Frontier Materials researchers, in collaboration with researchers from PETRONAS Research and the University of Adelaide, have scooped the IChemE Malaysia Awards 2020, Oil and Gas Award for their project Metal OrganicContinue reading “Self healing coatings for off-shore oil platforms”

Rapid oxidation technologies for new carbon fibre

LeMond to Develop New Carbon Fibre Production Facility after Successful Tests LeMond Carbon has announced the results of an independent technical audit conducted by Bureau Veritas (“BV”) of its carbon fibre manufacturing process. The audit was conducted on a pilot line at Deakin University’s Carbon Nexus facility in Geelong, Australia. The total oxidation time andContinue reading “Rapid oxidation technologies for new carbon fibre”

Researchers develop ‘clever drugs for slimy bugs’ in fight against staph infections

Eradicating deadly staph using a new breed of antibiotics has revealed promising results in research released by QUT, to help overcome one of the biggest modern medical challenges. The bacteria attach to medical devices including catheters, artificial joints, implants and patients’ burns and wounds, establishing bacterial biofilms, a leading cause of failing antibiotic therapies andContinue reading “Researchers develop ‘clever drugs for slimy bugs’ in fight against staph infections”

Experiments with carbon fibre blades could make wind turbines more energy efficient

Engineers are developing carbon fibre composites to create longer, stronger wind turbine blades. Global clean energy company Vestas has joined forces with Australian researchers to make materials that will increase the future generating capacity of wind turbines. Dr Adrian Gill, lead specialist for blades at Vestas, told create that the key to increasing the energy produced byContinue reading “Experiments with carbon fibre blades could make wind turbines more energy efficient”

Green light for a new generation of dynamic materials

Developing synthetic materials that are as dynamic as those found in nature, with reversibly changing properties and which could be used in manufacturing, recycling and other applications, is a strong focus for scientists. In a world-first, researchers from QUT, Belgium’s Ghent University (UGent) and Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have pioneered a novel, dynamic,Continue reading “Green light for a new generation of dynamic materials”

Advanced Processes for the Manufacturing of High Value Composite Components

This project seeks to address a global challenge amongst composite manufacturers, by aiming to reduce the occurrence of defects arising from resin shrinkage during composite manufacture and maximise surface finish quality out of the mould. Successful execution of this project will lower the failure rate of complex component manufacture, reduce manufacturing cycle times and enhanceContinue reading “Advanced Processes for the Manufacturing of High Value Composite Components”