Childhood curiosity inspires science careers

The three QUT scientists behind an explosive show for Brisbane school students have shared how childhood curiosity was one of the big drivers for their own careers in STEM. QUT chemists Dr Nathan Boase, Dr Michael Pfrunder and Federica Sbordone have joined forces to create Igniting the Magic of Chemistry, which will be livestreamed for primaryContinue reading “Childhood curiosity inspires science careers”

Enabling multifunctional composites to boost manufacturing innovations

Professors Tiffany Walsh, Luke Henderson and Russell Varley (Institute for Frontier Materials) seek to remove some of the limitations of carbon fibre composites by introducing novel functionality into the underlying carbon fibre. The 2022 awarded Discovery project expects to modify carbon fibres, predict their functionality and develop new high-performance resins. The project will guide theContinue reading “Enabling multifunctional composites to boost manufacturing innovations”

Improving safety barriers to reduce road deaths and serious injuries

While conventional road safety guardrails have effectively reduced fatalities in road accidents, they have not prevented increasing cases of serious injuries. Swinburne’s Dr Shanqing Xu, Professor Dong Ruan and Associate Professor Hing Ho Tsang have received $358,980 funding from the Australian Government’s Road Safety Innovation Fund to assess standard barrier systems and optimise emerging safety roller barrier technology –Continue reading “Improving safety barriers to reduce road deaths and serious injuries”

Carbon dots from human hair boost solar cells

QUT researchers have used carbon dots, created from human hair waste sourced from a Brisbane barbershop, to create a kind of “armour” to improve the performance of cutting-edge solar technology. In a study published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A, the researchers led by Professor Hongxia Wang in collaboration with Associate Professor  Prashant Sonar  ofContinue reading “Carbon dots from human hair boost solar cells”

Super solution in hybrid capacitor development

In research published in Advanced Materials, Associate Professor Deepak Dubal and the research team, including Professor Nunzio Motta and PhD researcher Michael Horn, developed a hybrid supercapacitor which has a capacitor-type titanium carbide-based negative electrode and a battery-type graphene-hybrid positive electrode. The new energy storage device reaches an energy density close to that of nickel metalContinue reading “Super solution in hybrid capacitor development”

IFM researchers recognised for self-healing coatings for off-shore oil platforms

Material scientists at Deakin University enhance performance and extend service life of pipelines and offshore infrastructure for a more sustainable future. Deakin’s Institute for Frontier Materials researchers, in collaboration with researchers from PETRONAS Research and the University of Adelaide, have scooped the IChemE Malaysia Awards 2020, Oil and Gas Award for their project Metal Organic Framework as Self-Healing Catalyst duringContinue reading “IFM researchers recognised for self-healing coatings for off-shore oil platforms”