Research Team

Research Team

We design, synthesise & engineer high performance materials with tailored macroscopic properties for harsh environmental conditions using a bottom-up atom-based approach

Professor Kathryn Fairfull-Smith

Co-Director Centre for Materials Science Expertise in organic synthesis to functionalise surfaces and polymers for various applications.

Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik

Macromolecular photochemist and soft matter materials scientist developing the to-date most precisely control photochemical reactions for applications ranging from biomedical products to tailored 3D printing solutions.

Professor Hongxia Wang

A theme leader in the Centre for Materials Science at QUT and a recognised expert internationally in the area of 3rd generation solar cells.

Professor Luke Henderson

Professor of Materials Chemistry, Deakin University.  An emphasis on surface chemical manipulation and functional materials.

A/Professor Deepak Dubal

Prolific, well-cited and multiple-award-winning scientist in the field of materials for clean energy conversion and storage technologies. 

Professor Dmitri Golberg

Australian Laureate Fellow. Material scientist and physicist who uses state-of-the-art methods of transmission electron microscopy in studying nanomaterial behaviour in extreme environments.

Professor Dong Ruan

Research Director & Chair, Department of Mechanical & Product Design Engineering and expert in characterisation of materials under high strain rate loading and structures under impact loading. 

Professor Peter Halley

Expertise in the translational research interface between universities and industry. Research focus includes rheology, processing and product design of bio-based, sustainable polymers, biochemicals and nanocomposite materials. 

Dr Veronica Gray

Expert in mechanical testing of materials, lifing under non-constant conditions. Industry and Defence focused research.

Professor Russell Varley

Polymer scientist developing next generation carbon fibre and composite materials ranging from low cost sustainable carbon fibre to high performance self healing composites.

Dr Claudia Creighton

Senior research Fellow Carbon Fibre and Composites at Carbon Nexus, Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University. Expertise in carbon fibre development, structure-property relationships and  rapid composites manufacturing.

Dr Nathan Boase

Senior Lecture in Chemistry and Physics. Expertise in precision polymer synthesis and characterisation, for applications from extreme environments to inside the body.

Professor Sarah Harmer

Applied physicist with a focus on the surface spectroscopic analysis of transition metal chalcogenides and 3D printed metals exposed to extreme corrosive conditions.

Professor Bronwyn Laycock

Polymer scientist with a focus on plastics sustainability, particularly polymer degradation and lifetime estimation, biopolymer production, polymer conversion chemistries and polymer applications.